Practical info

The weather in Tuscany

The weather in Tuscany is generally very pleasant. Even during the winter months the sun comes out, the coats can come off and you can have an espresso sitting outside a cafe. Some weather apps don’t always give a realistic picture of the weather in this area. Thanks to a difference in altitude you need to wait and see how correct they are. We take it day by day and prefer to just enjoy it…

Swimming pool

Agriturismo Anna-Rosa boasts a lovely swimming pool of 14 by 7 metres. The depth is a maximum of 1.35 metres.  Everything around the pool is new and it looks beautiful and offers a stunning, panoramic view. There are sunbeds by the pool.

The swimming pool is open from May to October. If the weather permits it may open sooner or close later in the season. The swimming pool is not heated and there is no supervision at the pool.

Food and drink

A holiday in Italy means enjoying good food and drink. To make your holiday even greater, on several nights a week we invite you to dine with us on the communal terrace. Join us by signing up and paying a fee on tree evenings during the high season and on two evenings during the mid-season. We organise a pizza night, pasta night and barbeque night.

Breakfast can include an extra bread roll service with fresh eggs from our own chickens…

Fresh rolls and eggs every day… isn’t that delicious?

Agriturismo and our products

Anna-Rosa is an agriturismo, a farm estate that combines the agricultural business with tourist accommodation. Situated in the Agriturismo Anna-Rosa grounds (around 14 hectares in size) you will find a farmhouse, our private house and the swimming pool, olive groves and a small vineyard.

The most important agricultural activity of our agriturismo is olive oil production. Our olive groves contain various types of olives: Frantoiano, Leccino, Moraiolo, Maurino and Pendolino. These types produce a lot of good oil. The next olive harvest will take place in November 2019. After the harvest, the olives are cleaned as soon as possible and then pressed in a nearby communal frantoio (press). The sooner the olives are pressed after being harvested, the better the quality. Next, the olive oil is bottled and labelled. This is high-quality olive oil, obtained from the first so-called cold pressing.

In our small vineyard, we mainly grow Sangiovese grapes. From grape till bottle….

We round up our vineyard with surrounding farmers. This is how we get our own wine with label.

The area

The driveway to the farm runs through olive trees and grapevines. Next to the farm are two new olive groves. A little further on lies our biggest olive grove and wood. You can take a walk across the estate but we are also happy to give you a brief tour.


We love pets, but after careful consideration, we have decided not to allow pets at Anna-Rosa.

Methods of payment

Upon receiving your reservation we will send confirmation and require an advance payment of 40%. Payment needs to be made within 15 days of receipt of our confirmation.

If the advance payment is not completed, your reservation will be cancelled.

Once we receive your advance payment we will send a confirmation of payment.

The remaining sum needs to be paid six weeks before your day of arrival at the latest.

Upon receipt of the remaining sum, you will receive another confirmation, an email containing more information and directions to our Agriturismo.

We would be grateful if you could let us know what time you expect to arrive at Agriturismo Anna-Rosa.

Please note: We do not offer any refunds.

We strongly recommend you take out holiday cancellation insurance.